Managed services

Small businesses typically don’t have the budget to employ full time IT specialist who monitor, maintain and make adjustments to the technology already installed.

But IT or ICT is still the machine. Even there is only limited number of rotating components. Start seeking for help, when something fails, is often to late. For example:

  • Disk fault are the most common real world situation. It can lead to permanent damage of your most valuable asset, INFORMATION.
  • You found your data are deleted, changed or encrypted. Why? Who did it? Who is responsible for? YOU LOST ACCESS TO YOUR DATA!
  • You believe you are safe, because you have backup procedures in place. DID YOU EVER TEST to restore?
  • Your have UPS installed. DID YOU EVER CHECK battery?

Those are only several examples and list can continue. System Now! is prepared to prepare maintenance plan, monitor your system, and proactively report you on issues which consequently can grow to problem.

To regain focus on your business grow, contact System Now! via or (+61) 0410 389 087 or use contact form in Contact Us section.