Maintenance and repairs

Any machine (your vehicle, your property as well as computer, network, and IT business services) to perform as expected needs maintenance.

System Now! provide Technology maintenance on following components

  • Revision and rectification software related issues.
  • Mechanical cleaning of technology. Most of the technology used in business is not running in hygienic conditions like servers in large computer centers. Dust sediment inside of the cabinets,often causing slowing down the computers and notebooks up to the stage that user is not able effectively perform his daily activities.
  • Identification of faulty (or close to faulty) HW components and their replacement. (e.g. disks or fans)
  • Operational system updates and upgrades.
  • Application upgrades

System Now! Antivirus and Malware service

  • Checking efficiency of Antivirus and Anti Malware tools
  • Removal of unused and potentially unsafe code

System Now! Ad-Hoc Network performance improvement service

  • Analysis of network trafic
  • Identification of unusual network activities (Trojans, Data harvesting Malware e.t.c.)

System Now! Backup a recovery

Business of any size require to have data available to cover business continuity as well as for reporting purposes. Having data stored without properly designed, documented, and performed backup strategy often leads large difficulties when incident happens.

  • Identification of vital data sources and preparation of backup/restore strategy
  • Setup of backup destination, tools and scripts to perform backup unatendent
  • Verification that backed data are available and restoration is possible.