In this difficult time for everybody. We are not changing our portfolio, we are changing the way providing services to community.

For business

Moving to the safety of home offices is not standard Australian workforce model. For most of us, before COVID-19 situation occurs, there was strict border between business/employment and home. To break this model and enable achievement based model require ICT (Information and Communication Technology) changes as well. (Experts mean that this situation can stay for substantial time period and changes persists for even longer). Not all businesses are prepared, not all employee are prepared as well, role definitions are changing. To support that move we are offering:

  • Create virtual open-space offices by creating dedicated VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows to perform most of duties as usual;
  • Delivery and setup of communication suite, enabling people to meet in “sterile” meeting-room, able to speak and listen, present yourself and see others as well as share documents of any kind;
  • Simplify and make more efficient private hosting or even owner’s residential hosting to stay in control of business infrastructure;
  • Move sales to Internet, integrate to main business application, enable online payments and control delivery services.

Yes we are talking about private Cloud and On-Premise solution when you still utilizing existing capital expenditures (server, router, PCs e.t.c.). Generally speaking, you do not need to invest substantial amount of money for this transition process. Building private information systems is in our portfolio for long time, using it this way is just specific case.

For home office workers

Before COVID-19, most of residential users was looking for entertainment, self-education or relax by using Internet. Download speed was (and still is) the most commonly pronounced Internet provider selection criteria, compare to stability, services and reliability. (One day without service is not crucial or VoIP telephony is offered only in business plans.). Being home-based business user change a lot. Availability and stability become more important than maximal NBN speed. We offer:

  • Internet connection NBN improvements and VPN connectivity
  • Local network build and improvements including cabled (commonly said LAN) or cable-free (WiFi).
  • Improvement of performance and security of existing LAN, WiFi environment;
  • Repairs and upgrade computers and connected technologies (Printers, scanners, routers and other infrastructure components).
  • Reconstruction of telephony systems including VoIP (with video-conferencing) for home Internet users to save and improve telephony services. (Availability, recording, IVR e.t.c)

For students to support distant education

Not every student and his/her family has got opportunity to perform electronic form of distant education. Some of the schools support their students by temporarily borrowing notebooks and computers. It is really great initiative. But what about connectivity? For some of you NBN is still not available, your home environment is not fully prepared to adopt another computer, printer or another device. We are here to listen to you and help you to bridge the limitation with highest quality for affordable price. We are providing:

  • Building or improving residential WiFi or residential cabled LAN;
  • Configuration and support of computers and software;
  • Computers building, upgrades (not only game computers);